Repairs and preventive services

Repairs and preventive services

The board had initiated a lot of repairs and preventive services.

A company has flushed through the pipes. It was necessary in view of blockages etc. They found four blockages which should cause problems in a near future.

You can see the pictures and the film below:

And here is a film:

The company have also finnish the recovery. Please see the pictures below.

PROAQUA had been here to repair the tiles in the pools. Please see pictures below.

We have had leaks at the pool, but it is already fixed. Please see pictures below.

And the films you can see, as well.

We all in the board wish you a nice holiday, this week.




Life guard and security guard this summer

Life guard and security guard this summer

For you information:

From the 1st of June we will have a life guard by the pool. And from the 1st of July there will be a security guard in the community.

We, in the board, will also inform you about the new umbrellas. You can see them in the pictures below.

And we have also had problems with the rotten stays of the umbrellas. To save costs, our eminent president has therefore come up with the idea that we repair by putting plastic pipes around the foot and then molding around so the umbrella does not rot. Please look at these pictures to understand what we have done.

The board wishes you all a nice summer.

2019 began with a new water leak

2019 began with a new water leak

Unfortunately, the new year started with a new leak. Here you can see photos of it.

Thanks to the prompt action of our president Daniel and Felipé, the leak could be stopped. The leak was behind block 4 (again). It started at 23.40. Felipé was coming at midnight to close the main crane, so at 00.30 the water was off.
Very good working. Thank you!
The board wishes you all a happy 2019!