Pictures from the Block Party on the 15th of September 2019

Pictures from the Block Party on the 15th of September 2019

Thanks for a nice party with very good food and drinks.

Let the Pictures talk ….

The board


Emergency Mode

Emergency Mode

It has been a disaster here in Spain the last days, as you all know. In Linnea Sol we have had too much water on the roof. Insurens Company contacted. Please see the pictures below.


Today we also were without water in the taps in the apartments. But fortunately we have had help with it inspite of that it is Saturday.

Some of us do not have any internet. I have called CloudWifi four times but still it does not function. Please do not contact me through Facebook, internet, Messenger or e-mail. Because I cannot answer you. Thanks in advance.

If you want to follow the catastrophe, please see this page. Click here!

Hope to see you tomorrow at the Block Party and on Monday at the AGM meeting.

Best regards,
Monica Ivesköld

Greetings from the Board


Postponed AGM-meeting and block party

Postponed AGM-meeting and block party

This is the latest information from Eva Maria Giraldo Aguirregoitia about the AGM-meeting:

“Dear Owners from LINNEA SOL.

We notify you that as the emergency situation because of “heavy rain” (gota fria) and as the governent has sent a “red alert” to this area because of the heavy rain, we have decided to postpone the AGM of the community for next Monday the 16th September at the same time in the HOTEL DOÑA MONSE.

We send you the notification of alert that we have received and we will be available if you need any clarification. Please, do not drive your car if possible today or tomorrow as could be dangerous.”

And this is the latest message about the Block Party from Daniel:

“The block party is postponed to Sunday the 15th of September at 17.00 hours.”

Greetings from the board


This is why we need cameras behind block 4

This is why we need cameras behind block 4

Let the pictures below talk …

Soon we will see you all at the AGM meeting on the 13th of September 2019 at 09.00 hours.

The Meeting will take place at the meeting room of the Hotel Doña Monse, in Urb. Los Balcones, Calle Raúl Ferrnandez Giménez, 75, 03186 Torrevieja. Here you can find a map so you can find it. Click on the link, please.

And do not forget to register for the block party and pay 20 euros to Jean, Patrick or Daniel tomorrow the 6th of September.

See you soon,

The board


Thank you from Daniel Cooreman

Thank you from Daniel Cooreman

Beste Medeeigenaars ,

Met deze laat ik jullie weten dat ik mijn presidentschap beeindig op 13/09/2019 .Ik wil iedereen bedanken voor de goede samenwerking , vooral de Board die samen met onze administrator fantastisch wek hebben geleverd .

Cooreman Daniel



Dear Owners ,
With this I let you know that my presidency ends on the 13th of September 2019. I want to thank everyone for the good cooperation. In particular the Board have done a fantastic job together with our administrator.
Cooreman Daniel


Cher  propriétaires,
Avec cela, je vous faire savoir que j’ai ma fin de présidence le 13/09/2019. Je tiens à remercier tout le monde pour leur bonne coopération, en particulier le Conseil d’administration ont fait un travail fantastique avec notre administrateur.
Cooreman Daniel